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Potential customers expect an immediate reply. We help you capture leads, even when you're out of office or in a different time zone.

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Respond 24/7 with friendly conversational messages

Use live chat or bots to capture more leads
Book sales meetings while you sleep
Engage visitors with images, gifs, videos & emojis 👌

Businesses that respond faster close more sales

People’s expectations on response times have changed, yet most businesses still offer impersonal web forms as the primary way to get in touch.

Forms usually ask for too much information, then you wait for days for a response — if you’re lucky enough to get one.

Automation for when you’re not there

Nothing frustrates your website visitors more than the fact your Live Chat is left unattended.

They type something in, by the time you reply — they're gone.

With Continually, you can start responding automatically, out of hours — or across different timezones.

Our CEO, Paul, talks about the benefits of automation

How it works

Chat bots

Respond automatically and you’ll never miss a lead

Set up a series of automatic responses (or even a full conversation) to ensure you never miss a lead or help enquiry.

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Agent takeover

Chat with live customers

You can now use Live chat to talk to customers on your website when you are available.

Just connect your slack account and we notify you when someone leaves a message. Once someone gets in touch anyone in your team can jump in and help that customer.

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Live chat with your customers
Customer insights

Rich lead profiles, so you’re better prepared come meeting time

Cut down on manual research on your leads — we’ll give you everything you need to know ahead of time.

Customer insights from email capture
Calendar Integration

Save time with an automated scheduling assistant

Allow people to book meetings on your website based on the free time in your calendar—all without lifting a finger.

Just connect your calendar service, set your availability and you’re good to go.

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Easy appointment scheduling
Custom landing page

Conversational landing pages

  • Send people straight to a conversational experience with a beautiful landing page
  • Quickly test ideas without the hassle of adding any code to your site
  • Add a chatbot to your next email campaign
  • Give each sales person a link to their own 🤖 assistant to book meetings

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Free customisable landing page
Easy setup

Install with 1 line of code

Installing Continually is simple, all you need to do is add one line of code to your website.

If you are using Wordpress, you can install by downloading our WordPress plugin

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One line of code on your website

We fit in with your workflow

It's easy to connect Continually to the apps and services you use every day

Our Customers

Results in 1 hour

Find out how Prospect Labs saved time going from manually scheduling meetings by email — to automated bookings on their website.

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Marketing tools and resources

If you’re just getting started with messaging, it can be hard to know whether you’re creating the right experience for your visitors. Or whether you’ll see the benefits you expect.

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How to use a chatbot to scale with a personal touch

How to use a chatbot to scale with a personal touch

One of our customers recently asked me “What are the top things I should put on my to-do list to get better results?".

Here are some really practical tips, trips and examples of how to use bots and automation to get better conversion.

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Never miss another lead from your website

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