Calendar Integration

Schedule meetings automatically

Connect your calendar, set your availability and allow customers to book meetings with you automatically

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How it works

How automated scheduling works

No need to waste time emailing customers to book meetings, let them do it automatically based of your schedule

Step 1

Connect your calendar with Continually and set your availability

Step 2

Add in a meeting request to your bot so customers can access it

Step 3

Customers easily book meetings and we notify you when they do
Paul Swail
Paul Swail - CEO, Autochart

“Helps me to automate the booking of demos for prospects visiting my SaaS product's marketing website. Being able to check availability by integrating directly into Google Calendar saves a lot of back and forth over email with my prospects.”

Easy scheduling

Save time going back and forth

Save yourself time. Cut out emailing back and forth and let your customers easily see what your schedule is like, so they can book a meeting that suits both of you with no time wasted.

Don’t lose meeting opportunities through slow email responses
Slack commands

Send straight from Slack

If you are using our live chat feature, once you have your calendar connected, you can send your calendar straight from slack to live customers.

Send your calendar with Slack commands

Never miss a meeting

We notify you when someone books a meeting from your bot. We then send you a follow up reminder when that meeting is getting closer, so you don’t forget.

Get notified in Slack whenever someone books a meeting

General Questions

Can visitors see what’s on my calendar?

No. We use a combination of your calendar availability and the rules you set to offer suitable times for appointments.

Can you see what’s on my calendar?

No. The calendar APIs we use only tell us whether you are free or busy. We don’t see the details of what’s on your calendar.

How does the integration work?

When you connect your calendar, we’ll take you to a secure sign in page at either Google Calendar of Office 365. We don’t see your password and you can revoke access at any time.

How do I handle multiple people taking meetings

When you want to assign incoming meetings across a group, a good solution is to use a shared calendar. This lets the whole team see what appointments have been booked.

You can also have different bots assigning meetings to different calendars.

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