Never miss a lead with our Slack Notifications

Add to Slack

You'll need a Continually account. Get started for free.

How it works

A simple bot that lets you know when you get leads. That’s it.

New Lead Notifications

We'll post to Slack the second a new lead comes in

Appointment notifications

Know everytime someone books a meeting from your website

Control over who sees what

You select the channel you'd like to post to and turn notifications off at any time

How do I install it?

Heads up: You will need a Continually account to use this Slack app. But you can always get started for free.

Step 1

Go to the Integrations section. You’ll find under Getting Started or Settings

Step 2

Select Connect to Slack

Step 3

Choose the Slack Workspace and Channel to post your notifications to, then Authorize

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