Install Continually with our WordPress plugin

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You'll need a Continually account. Get started for free.

How do I install it?

Heads up: You will need a Continually account to use the WordPress plugin. But you can always get started for free

Step 1

Once logged into Wordpress, click Plugins then Add new

Step 2

Search Continually, then scroll down to find our plugin

Step 3

Once you find the plugin, click Install Now, wait a for installation then click Activate

Step 4

After clicking Activate, you will be taken to you plugins. Find the Continually Plugin and click settings

Step 5

For the next step you will need your Continually embed code which can be found in Install & Settings

Step 6

Paste the embed code into your Continually plugin Settings, then tick Tick the "Enable Continually on your Website" and click Save changes

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