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Delight your best prospects with quick, personal replies. Use chatbots to engage and quality visitors, then chat live to answer complex questions or on high-intent pages.

Engage visitors with the bot

Send a chatbot to your visitor and once they engage you can jump in with live chat

Handle complex and sensitive issues with live chat

When customers get in touch, anyone in your team can quickly reply.

Qualify leads before chatting

Qualify visitors with chatbots and offer live chat to qualified visitors

Only talk to the right visitors

You can control which chatbots have the live chat option and you can add targeting rules to specify which visitors will see the chatbot so you are always speaking with the best potential leads

Control which bots show the message field

Live chat mobile app

Use our mobile apps so that you never miss a lead from your website. Get notifications for new messages and all live chat activity straight to your phone even if your out of your office you are still in the loop.

Everything in one place!

We have our own live chat app which lets your see any visitors that have engaged with your bot or send a live chat message in real time.


We have our own set of commands that let you easily capture lead information and even send your own calendar to let customer book meetings right away.

Commands list inside live chat

How you get notified

You will never miss a beat, we let you choose what you want notified about and how.

  • In app notifications
  • Browser notifications
  • Email notifications
  • Slack notifications
In app notification when visitor sends a message

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