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How it works

What happens when someone gets in touch

We notify you and your team in Slack when new customers get in touch with Live chat

Step 1

Someone gets in touch and we notify you on Slack and you or a teammate can join the converation

Step 2

Once you join a bot, a new channel is created with that lead

Step 3

You can chat and send slack commands to capture lead information or even book meetings
Hugo Woodhead
Hugo Woodhead - CEO, Pilcro

“We've had Continually on our site for a few weeks now. It was super quick to set up. Links to my Google calendar and we've had some great discussions with potential parades for Pilcro as a result.”

Team members

Anyone in your team can chat

When a customer gets in touch through live chat, we notify you and your team giving you the information on who that lead is and what they have said.

Need someone to step in for you? Anyone in your Slack team can join that bot to help that customer.

Slack commands

Awesome Slack commands

We have our own Slack commands that you can use to capture any lead information or easily send you calendar to customers.

Slack command to send calendar to continually converation
Your status

Set customer expectations

Not getting a response if frustrating with live chat. We help you set clear expectations for your customers around response time by using your Slack status to let your customers know when your offline.

When you are offline and someone leaves a message, we automatically ask for an email so you can get back to them when possible.

Your Live chat availability will mirror your Slack status

New lead notifications

We notify you in Slack when your automated bot has captured a new lead or booked an appointment. Keeping you and your team up to date on your success 🎉

Get notified in Slack whenever a new lead comes in

How to set up live chat

Setting up live chat takes less than a minute. All you need to do is connect your Slack channel and you are good to go.

Step 1

Go to Install & settings then Live chat

Step 2

Turn on your live chat

Step 3

Connect Slack and choose a channel you wish to recieve notification

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