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How to build complex bots without breaking a sweat

Automatically reply 24/7 and make sure you don’t miss any leads.

Re-arrange the flow of your bot just by dragging and dropping the objects

Create your first bot in 10 minutes. Or we’ll do it for you.

Easy set up • No credit card required

Add a bot to your website. No coding required.

Share images, videos, emojis and more

Drag & drop

Drag a message or a question type onto the canvas


Edit the message, question or answers


Connect it up to the other objects in the sequence of messages

Control how and when the bot starts

Use a welcome message to engage visitors, and style the bot to match your brand. Control how you want to engage visitors by showing the message:

  • when the page loads
  • based on visitors scrolling the page
  • after a delay with a timer
  • when visitors click a link or button
  • with custom JavaScript
Customise the appearance of your bot

Do more with multiple bots

Speak to each customer like an individual by building as many bots as your imagination will allow. Try adding bots for different customers or points in their buying journey:

  • Welcome bot for new visitors
  • Pricing bot
  • Add bots to your key landing pages
  • Ask blog readers to subscribe to your newsletter
Choose which pages your bot should appear on

Relevant, intelligent & personalised bot

Change the flow of the bot based on what visitors say. Use their answers in the bot and recognise repeat visitors.

Add personalised and useful content to your bot
Lead activity

See all your activity at a glance

Get a comprehensive picture of visitor engagement with each bot. See individual lead profiles and export your data any time.

`Quickly see all your leads. Filter your list and export data.`
Use across multiple domains

Install Continually on as many websites you want within the same account and have all of your leads appear on a single dashboard.


Keep track of any activity with notifications in Slack and by email.

A preview URL for each bot

Quickly test new ideas for bot flows, gather feedback from colleagues and make changes before you're ready to go live.

Track results in Google Analytics

See the impact that your bot bots are having by tracking activity in your Google Analytics reports. Fire GA events when users start a bot, provide their email address, book an appointment or close a bot.

Custom scripting (JS API)

Need something else? You can use Continually together with custom scripts by using our JavaScript API.

Start with a template: Qualify leads

Use multiple choice questions to understand customer needs and find out where they are in the buying process.

Live chat

Offer live chat when you're in the office and customers will get a reply quickly

Slack live chat integration →

Connect to your Slack workspace. Visitors can leave a message then you reply from any device.

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