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Be available 24/7 with less stress

Many businesses are huge disruption and new challenges as they embrace remote working.

Free up your team’s time by automating common questions with a chatbot. Use live chat for more complex questions, or those that need a personal touch.

It’s like having someone on your team who’s always there to help and never sleeps.

Live chat and chatbots can help you :

save money by switch from an existing provider to manage costs help customers by introducing live chat or chatbots for the first time automate more of your communication to save time convert more qualified leads to customers

We helping companies respond to their customers using chatbots and live chat.

  • Live chat
  • Build unlimited custom bots with our easy to use bot builder
  • 5 seats
  • Serve 50,000 page views
  • Integrate with your CRM, email marketing platform + more
  • Localise into your visitor’s language
  • Advanced control of your bot with our JavaScript API
  • Install with a single code snippet

Drag and drop chatbot builder

Build complex, personalised bots in our easy to use bot builder

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  • “I love the fact that setting up a chatbot in Continually is actually FUN and uncomplicated.”

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