“Using the most basic features, I began seeing results the very same day. For the first time, my site was capturing leads.”

— Antoine Joseph, CEO, businesstonet.com

Businesstonet.com help small businesses and entrepreneurs kick-start their digital marketing. They provide domains, websites, and hosting packages.

In this customer story, Antoine describes the challenges of growing a startup. Hear how he transformed his customer engagement using a chatbot:

“Today, I recommend Continually to everyone. When a tool gave your business its first big boost, it deserves due recognition."

What Challenges Did the Company Face?

“I knew we needed customer services, but that comes at a cost. I began seeking out solutions - getting part-time workers or doing it myself. All those options have inherent weaknesses.”

Antoine had three key challenges:

1. Visitors were not turning in to leads

Complete Marketer wanted to capture leads but there was no interaction with visitors on their site. They needed a way to engage visitors and guide them to the areas they were looking for.

2. Delivering efficient customer service

Antoine knew they needed to support their customers but, like most startups, lacked the resources to put a full-time service in place. They needed an affordable solution that could support their customers 24/7.

3. Building an on-site conversion funnel from scratch

Antoine struggled to generate sales from his website and knew he needed to create a sales funnel. He had heard that chatbots were an effective way to bring leads into a sales funnel by converting visitors from your site.

How Continually generated more leads

Complete Marketer setup their chatbot using a simple guide, taking the guess work out of their messaging.

1. An online assistant

An interactive way for visitors to engage with the site and answer any questions. Customers are spending more time learning about services and given next steps such as setting up a call or creating an account.

2. More website visitors converted to leads

Complete Marketer saw a quick increase in sales and conversions by generating 497 leads with Continually. Simple templates helped to create conversations that turned visitors into paying customers. Making Continually a key element of the sales funnel.

3. Support from Continually

Like most startup owners Antoine had concerns about using a new software. Basic training with Continually helped him to set up a chatbot entirely by himself. Templates made it easy to bring conversational messaging to his website and see results fast.

“The day I bought the product, I received contact from their support team and was happy to realise how very responsive they are.”

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