Give your customers an assistant that never sleeps.

The simplest, quickest way to add a chatbot and live chat to your website.


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Designed for non-technical people: just add one line of code to get started.

Design intelligent, relevant conversations

Create powerful bots without any coding skills using our drag and drop bot builder.

We give you full control of what you say, when you say it and who you say it to.

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Chat live to customers

Go live when you're ready and available. Chat live to answer questions, build relationships and increase conversion.

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Book more meetings

Use our intelligent scheduling assistant and let customers select a time when you're both available.
Connect your calendar, set your availability and you're all set.

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Send data to your mailing list, CRM & more 👇

More awesome features...

Continually fits with your workflow

Landing pages

No website required. A free hosted Continually landing page you can use to have automated bots and accept bookings from visitors.
Add a custom domain for each page to make it your own.

Targeting & personalisation

"Power-up" the conversation flow and make it more intelligent with features like targeting, variables and conditional logic.

Lead profiles

Get a complete picture of the leads that get in touch. We store all the conversations and any lead information captured like campaign source, social profiles and more.

Private, secure, fast & reliable

GDPR compliant. Data securely hosted in the EU.

Easy to install

Use our wordpress plugin or add a line of code to your website to get started.

JavaScript API

Advanced control of how your bot behaves.

Slack & email notifications

Get notified about customer activity.

Unlimited number of bots

Our plans allow you to build as many bots as you need.

Use across multiple websites

We don't restrict the number of domains you can add your bot to.

Add your entire team

Invite your colleagues to create bots and respond to questions.


Give your clients direct access, or create accounts for different brands.


Translate your bot into any language

Get started with a free account

Reduce customer acquisition costs with a bot that works 24/7

Easy set up

No credit card required

Free forever