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Tweet of the week 👀

Rand Fishkin is smart AND shares great resources with the rest of us

Andy Crestodina and the team at Ordit Media surveyed 1000+ bloggers to learn:

Why are some bloggers so much more successful than others? What do top bloggers do differently?

Tips & tricks: perfect is the enemy of good 🤔

Getting started with using live chat or automated messages on your website? it can be hard to know if you’re creating the right experience for your visitors.

Our advice: don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

A free keyword research tool 👌

Hubspots free Keyword Tool for Semantic Related Keyword

If you’re curious about what search terms potential visitors might be using to look for content, it can be hard to get good data without paying for premium services like Moz, Ahrefs or SEMrush.

Looking for some quick (free!) data? Type in a keyword of your choosing and Wondersearch will do the rest

A great overview of how to create content people want to see. Thanks, Hubspot!

Feature update: promote content links 🚀

Help visitors see more about the content you've linked to with Continually

You can use Continually to send visitors to a specific page on your site, a help article, or even promote your latest content.

We’ve updated our content object to help visitors see more about the content you’ve linked to.

Add a url to the content and we’ll convert it to a nice, big clickable object in the conversation. We’ll automatically add a title and image based on the page’s OpenGraph properties.

You can even add your own call to action button!

Like this type of content?

More great resources to help you convert website visitors 👇

Take our survey on product demos and learn how to convert more customers

If you’re a sales person working with the customer, or in the marketing team driving demand, it can be very hard to know if what your product demos are working as well as they could.

Customers aren’t motivated to tell you what they really think. Longer sales cycles can make it hard to experiment.

I’ve started a survey to gather some real-world metrics on how software businesses are using product demos, and will share the results so we can all learn together.

A great overview of how to create content people want to see. Thanks, Hubspot!

Trends in content strategy: topic clusters & pillar pages 👌

An in-depth look at how search engines, searchers, and search results are changing — and how you can keep up.

Check out the highlights from our event

Tweet of the week

We hosted an event and panel discussion at the Ormeau Baths, a co-working space and tech community based out of an historic former bath house in our home town of Belfast.

Check out some of the highlights and reaction on Twitter.

We can’t wait to share what’s in the lab

Coming soon: live chat & agent takeover 🚀

Sometimes, the most helpful thing you can do is to get your visitor talking to a human. You can already do this by scheduling meetings, but what if a quick response is all that’s needed?

We’re ready to roll out our new live chat feature, where you can join the conversation.

We’ll be rolling out access to users in stages, and would love to get your feedback on what we’re building 🤔

Techstart's October Newsletter 🔥

Nice to see Continually in the latest Techstart newsletter 🙏

Rachel Davis is co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at mobile marketing automation platform Hurree

Why great market segmentation is key to relevant, personalised messaging

We live in a world where we’re getting more emails, notifications and interruptions. It got me thinking about the challenges in making sure our messages are relevant, and how we scale that feeling of the personal touch.

So I was really delighted to chat with Rachel Davis, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at mobile marketing automation platform Hurree.

Tuesday, October 30th: Litmus are holding a terrific webinar on email for onboarding

Supercharge your welcome and onboarding emails 👌

Learn how to build trust and create a great onboarding experience via email in this upcoming webinar from Litmus. Their panel of experts will review email submissions and share advice, feedback, and suggestions for improvement.

Tweet of the week

One of the best sessions at Saastock 2018 was from Ryan Bonnici’s 5 tips to help marketers achieve success.

My favourite was to shift from measuring channels to measuring content - seeing what topics helps and converts buyers across channels 🤔

Smart variables make chatbot conversations on your website more relevant and personal

Features we shipped 🚀

You can now automatically reference what your visitor says when they engage with Continually, to make conversations more relevant and personal.

We’re listed as one of 2018’s top marketing tools 😎

This year's top marketing tools 🔥

Curious about how technology can help you grow revenue?

There are thousands of marketing tools to choose from, but it can be difficult to find the one that’s right for you

That’s why the team at Smart Selling Tools create a terrific annual guide and a ton of helpful free resources, webinars and video reviews.

Kevin McGrath is CEO of Beacon, a tool used by marketing teams around the world to create killer ebooks without hiring a designer.​

7 secrets to converting top of funnel visitors with content

Have you ever felt like you’re pouring a ton of effort into content marketing and it should be converting more visitors to leads?

We got Kevin to spill the beans on how to use content to convert more visitors to customers.

A picture says 1000 words after all 👀

Features we shipped 🚀

You can now show off your best content or highlight new features by adding images to your welcome message to increase engagement.

A playful avatar generator for the modern age

Helpful resources 👌

For those of us who need to work with visual assets but aren’t just as handy with Photoshop or Sketch, Personas is a new free tool for marketers:

Warning: their photography may make you want to swim in the ocean

Sites we ❤️

The team at No 79 Design have terrific flair with visual design, so we were delighted to see them start responding to customers with Continually.

Tweet of the week

Great to see new Continually user @leemunroe go live ⚡️

Woohoo! We're on Beta List 😎

We’re in good company on the list of awesome new products on BetaList 🙏

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